• Commercial Cleaning, Building Cleaning Services


Paragon Cleaning Services, we will accommodate all type of commercial cleaning, building cleaning service, we have wide range of commercial cleaning services and modern equipment to deliver professional cleaning services.

Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning service, contact cleaning services on weekly basis , monthly, yearly basis or one time cleaning, we are here to help you make your environment clean and maintain a spotless and sparkling place. Paragon Cleaning Service is focused on delivery the most flexible solution for our customers. We are flexible and ensure customer focused service. This includes providing out of hours and weekend services to suit your needs. We committed to deliver the best cleaning service.

Scope of Services and Key activities in Commercial Cleaning service as follows:-

  • Corporate offices and commercial building cleaning
  • Office cleaning service for Government and private offices.
  • Floor polishing, buffing and scrubbing
  • Furniture cleaning and polishing
  • Gym and fitness center cleaning
  • General and Deep cleaning for offices
  • Internal window glass wiping and cleaning
  • Janitorial Service for commercial buildings
  • Move In or Move Out cleaning for offices
  • Server room dusting and cleaning
  • Office equipment dusting and cleaning
  • Cleaning service for banks and corporate office cleaning services
  • Office housekeeping services
  • Schools, nurseries, universities and training centers
  • Sofa shampooing and carpet cleaning
  • Sporting events
  • Commercial carpets shampooing and sofa cleaning
  • Toilets and amenities cleaning
  • Waste bin collection and disposal
  • Office help and other duties as per client requirements


Post construction cleaning, fit out cleaning:- Post construction cleaning, fit out cleaning or building Cleaning service from a professional cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, before handover your project to Consultant or Client definitely you need a deep cleaning or final cleaning service, such scope can be for villa projects, building projects or interior fit out projects. Paragon Cleaning services we accommodate construction cleaning service, we have years of experience in this filed and we can deliver this service to facilitate the smooth handover process to client or consultants. We recommended all our clients to select our deep cleaning service to get the better result. We accommodate all type of construction cleaning services in the region. The service requirement and process depends upon the size of your facility and our survey team will come down to your facility or project for assessment and site survey.

We have our experts in deep construction cleaning to facilitate the best and quality service. Paragon Cleaning services we accommodate all type of construction cleaning services, interior  fit out  cleaning  services, villa projects, building cleaning, high rise tower cleaning, school projects, commercial building deep cleaning, and much more. The success and key process in our construction cleaning service is mainly the integration of three components, our professional deep cleaning team, our innovative ideas, and the modern machineries these will help us to execute the fast and profession cleaning service. In our experience, mainly in post construction cleaning the more time consuming activity is removal of paint, grout, and glue from floors, walls and glass partitions. Paragon cleaning services we do have our expertise and dedicated team with our own techniques to remove the excess of cement grout, paint and glue from the floors, skirting’s, kitchen and toilet walls.

Also along with the deep cleaning and disinfectant service, we also ensure professional glass, mirror cleaning services.  For glass partitions and mirror cleaning which we give an extra attention and care for this service because, removal of glue and paint residues without damaging or scratching the glass which required an extra care and professional cleaning service team, hence Paragon Cleaning Services we have our experts in this field to provide you the professional cleaning service for post construction cleaning service.

Call Paragon Cleaning services to get the best quote and professional experience with us. You will experience an awesome construction cleaning service from Paragon.

Paragon Cleaning services we specialized in all type of cleaning services.

Exhibition cleaning service and cultural events cleaning:- Paragon cleaning service provide professional cleaning service for Exhibitions and events. We have our expert team both male and females for events cleaning service and exhibitions cleaning with affordable rates. PARAGON Cleaning Services we full fill your needs and to take care of your event cleaning services. Our professional team they will take own initiative to maintain the cleanliness and effective communication to all parties to make more support for your events. No need to guide our team since we have professional team to ensure best cleaning service.

Office cleaning and Housekeeping Services: – Office cleaning, or commercial building cleaning from our trained office staffs, let us know your cleaning needs and cleaning frequency, we can make customized services and which helps to have productive work environment for your business. Paragon Cleaning services we provide office boys and office girls for office cleaning or housekeeping services. Key activities in our office cleaning or commercial building housekeeping services as below, we facilitate customized cleaning service as per the facility requirements; a sample cleaning check list for a two story commercial villa office as below;

Daily Checks;

  • Main entrance cleaning, and debris removal
  • Staff entrance cleaning, and debris removal
  • Main guest entrance glass door glass wipes
  • Staff entrance glass door wipes
  • Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of reception area
  • Cleaning and mopping of guest toilet
  • Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of conference room
  • Conference room glass doors wiping
  • Empty trash bins from all workstations
  • Dusting of work station, computers, phone etc.
  • Pantry/staff canteen cleaning and empty trash bins – twice a day
  • Daily checks in all toilets, and refill toilet papers


Weekly checks;

  • Vacuuming of carpeted floor surface;
  • Ground floor – Twice a week
  • First floor – Twice a week
  • Second floor – Once in a week
  • Window glass wipes;
  • Ground floor – Once in a week
  • First floor – Once  in a week
  • Second floor – Once in two week
  • Open terrace area cleaning – Once in a week
  • Cleaning of refrigerator and microwave – Once in a week
  • Clearing of plates racks in all kitchen/pantry – Once in a week


Let us know your office cleaning requirement and we can provide you the customized service as per your requirement, such as one time cleaning, regular cleaning, hourly services or contract cleaning services weekly cleaning /monthly/or yearly basis.

Carpet shampooing, Sofa cleaning and Mattress Cleaning Paragon Cleaning Services we provide complete cleaning and shampooing service for your carpet, sofa, mattress, and dining chairs. Our carpet shampooing and Sofa cleaning service will have your carpet, sofa smelling fresh and looking new in no time. We have complete solution for heavy traffic stains on your carpets, sofas, mattress, or chairs etc. Depending on the type of material you have in your premises we will select the best cleaning process to meet your needs. We have specialized cleaning and shampooing service, which includes Pre-spotting treatment for carpets, rugs, and sofas. Our fully trained upholstery cleaning staff will deliver the service and our highly trained team checks each task  to ensure a quality cleaning service every time.

For carpet and sofa shampooing what Paragon cleaning services we are doing is, as an initial process we starts with dry vacuuming of the carpet, rugs sofa or mattress, then spray shampooing solution to make the surface wet and strip the dirt’s  and applying hard brushes or portable scrubbing machine. We also have our own innovative ideas and modern equipment for upholstery shampooing high power double motor machine according to the condition of rug/carpet or sofas to deliver the best carpet cleaning and sofa shampooing service in Abu Dhabi. Wet and dry vacuuming process and scrubbing will helps to remove loose dirt and stains from carpet, sofa and mattress. Applying scrubbing machine/carpet shampooing machine over rug/carpet surface or spraying cleaning solutions under pressure to agitate nap loosen embedded dirt.

Paragon Cleaning Service will always give the best carpet shampooing and sofa cleaning services. We do carpet shampooing, leather sofa shampooing, leather polishing, cushion chair shampooing, carpet cleaning, also we provide booth style sofa cleaning and shampooing service for commercial offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, malls and more.

Cleaning Service for Schools, Nurseries, Universities and Training Centers:- Paragon Cleaning Services we provide comprehensive cleaning solution to maintain your facility and reputation in the community, for Schools, Nurseries, Universities and Training centers it requires highly talented and expert cleaning service to maintain the highline and cleanliness. We Paragon Cleaning Services have experts and specialized cleaners moreover we don’t have any compromise about the cleanliness as we need all children, staff’s and everyone related or working in the premises should be healthy and we are much aware about that and we promise to give the best cleaning services, Healthy in the sense is not only based on the food habits but also a clean and neat environment will give you a healthy and hygiene life.

Paragon cleaning service we provide and undertake all type of cleaning contracts for Schools, Nurseries, universities, or training centers etc., here you need frequent cleaning and professional cleaning team to ensure the hygiene and healthy environment. Paragon cleaning service before we take over such service, we make a service assessment for each facilities and give assessment report and execution plan, which includes the type of cleaning, frequency of cleaning in each areas, type of cleaning equipment’s and chemical to be used, overall monitoring arrangements and staff allocation details to our Client, hence they clients will have a clear picture about Paragon’s cleaning process. We are well understand the Client expectation in cleaning service, your teaching Expertise, staffs, children’s, students, their parents and  moreover even the local authorities are very keen to see the health and hygiene facility, and here we cannot compromise the cleaning service and quality. Paragon cleaning service we ensure and execute the cleaning service to meet the Client expectation, just ring up and we are here to help you out with all the cleaning solution for Schools, Universities, training centers or Nurseries.

Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning service: – When you run a health or fitness centre, you are providing a service to the community to assist keep them healthy and in form. They are available with the expectation to depart their troubles behind for his or her exercising and specialize in their physical health and you provide them an excellent place to try to that!

Gym and fitness centre cleaning service for all type of health and fitness centers, from the front table or reception space to the offices where you meet together with your purchases to the bathrooms and the actual exercising areas, we tend to pay the time necessary to create positive every face of your business is clean and recent.

Move in or move out cleaning services:- If you are buying , selling or renting residential or commercial buildings or just moving apartments, Paragon Cleaning Services we offers move-in and move-out cleaning services, you have nothing else to do just sit back, relax and enjoy your spare time. Move-in and Move-out deep cleaning service which includes floor stripping and scrubbing with high power scrubbing machine, which helps to remove the glue, excess grouts and paint residue from the floor surfaces. In deep cleaning service we also provide deep manual scrubbing techniques to remove the paint stains and glue from floor skirting’s, stairs and hand rails. Interior deep cleaning services which includes clean and shine of switches, plug-covers, wall phones hanging lights, glass partitions cleaning, dusting of furniture’s etc. In you have a carpeted floor surfaces, then Paragon Cleaning services will provide deep carpet shampooing service for complete carpet surfaces. For kitchen deep cleaning the main attractive activities are such as grease and oil removal from kitchen walls, cup-boards, wardrobes cleaning, kitchen ceiling cleaning, sink scrubbing and disinfection and much more. As per the requirement Paragon will provide cleaning services for home appliances such as oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, etc. Deep cleaning for toilets which includes toilet floor scrubbing and brushing with machines which give extra cleaning and hygiene for toilets, clean and shine of bath accessories, mirrors, glass partitions,  and disinfectant of complete area. After all these service Paragon we step in to the final cleaning service which is  wet and dry vacuuming and mopping of entire area.

One time cleaning or Hourly cleaning service:- We offer one time cleaning or hourly cleaning service for those days when your schedule is too busy to fit in house cleaning needs or may be for some special occasions, such as cleaning service for exhibitions, birthday parties, get-together parties, iftar parties, cleaning service for sports and office parties.  We provide cleaning service for all type of events. Call our team and we are happy to assist you, our cleaning service is available and we accommodate customized cleaning services on hourly basis, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly contracts. Paragon Cleaning service in Abu Dhabi, we accommodate all type of cleaning service to the community.



Floor polishing, buffing and scrubbing: – You may ask why need to go for a cleaning company for floor cleaning..?

The main reason for needing to strip your floor are:

  • To remove a floor finish (I.e. wax, other floor sealer’s, cleaners)
  • The floor color begins to turn in to different shade (look not clean)
  • The finish (wax) begins to build-up
  • Your mopping , spray buffing or re-waxing does not give the result as your desired
  • Can you able to manage your time and finally are you getting the result..?

If you have any of the above problems, then you need to strip your floor down and start again. This is a complex procedure and you really need the professional cleaning service provider to get your floor back to that fine finish it once was. Depending on your requirement, we normally have this done in our day to day schedule at overnight or over weekend to fulfil our customer requirement. Cleaning Service

For clean marble and granite that maintains its brilliance over time, we use polish products and techniques that can cover large areas with little fuss and it will protect them without affecting the natural color. Our floor cleaning service incorporate tile buffing with grout cleaning and sealing. Depending on the type tile, we employ a number of different cleaning techniques to ensure the end result is absolutely spotless.

For service booking, call Paragon Cleaning Services on 02 6338008/ 055 8635200 or send an enquiry to info@paragonuae.com