• Industrial Cleaning Services


Paragon Cleaning Services, Abu Dhabi we facilitate wide range of cleaning service for industrial, oil and gas and manufacturing facilities for over two decades. We can provide the service as per your operational schedules to ensure there are no operational disruptions to your business.

Paragon we are providing cleaning service for industrial oil and gas, steel factories and manufacturing business units in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Dubai. We have experts and modern equipment in the intricacies of industrial and manufacturing cleaning services. And, while cleaning for industrial and manufacturing contracts is completely different than commercial cleaning services, Paragon Cleaning Services we tailor custom cleaning schedules and cleaning services to reflect site-specific differences, your budget and your goals.



Some of the many reasons how we lead the cleaning services in Industrial operations that;

  • Paragon we understand that Occupational Health and Safety is paramount in an industrial operations.
  • We have fully trained and competent team to carry out the industrial cleanings.
  • We ensure and comply with the client’s HSE policy requirements and fulfill Occupational Health Safety and Environmental requirements as necessary.

In one way, industrial and manufacturing facilities shall maintain a good housekeeping and international standards in their operations. An unkempt appearance can harm your reputation and business. For example, how a site is presented can be a deal breaker when a Client is selecting a supplier. Clients can make visit to your area to make an evaluation on your process.  It doesn’t matter the size of an organization, if the industry is well maintaining a good housekeeping and professional standard then, there is a very good possibility that the Customers will be buoyant from buying your products.

A well maintained industrial or manufacturing facility, which always give more productivity and morale in staff, which means that your product can be produced without hindrance. And, distribution will be streamlined, efficient and without obstacles.

Paragon Cleaning Services our experts will deliver industrial  cleaning services to the widest range of industries such as  transport industry, steel and iron industry, oil and gas industry , complex mechanical industry and much more, we provide complete cleaning solution for industrial and manufacturing industries;

Scope of Services and key activities in Industrial Cleaning service as follows:-

  • Chemical cleaning service for industrial and Manufacturers units
  • Cleaning service for Steel and Iron factories
  • Regular cleaning service for production areas
  • High pressure washing or cleaning
  • Industrial floor stripping, scrubbing and buffing service
  • Roof cleaning service
  • Cleaning service for industrial equipment
  • Confined space and water tank cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Loading docks brushing and swiping
  • Steel yard and storage areas
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Hard floor sweeping with ride on machine
  • Emergency Cleaning Service


Using a professional Industrial Cleaning service not only provides business with level of expertise demanded to get the job done but also makes the process effective and easier.

Contract Cleaning for Factories and Industrial Firms: – Paragon Cleaning Services offer wide range of cleaning services for factories, such as Iron and Steel industries, Chemical industries, Manufacturing or production industrial firms and much more. Whether you are putting together or a project you need  one off cleaning service , our expertise are available for you and our team can provide you with specialist, cost effective and creative cleaning solutions. We have our industrial experts, modern equipment and trained team to deliver the quality and professional cleaning service for industrial operations.

For industrial, manufacturing sites we understand how everyday can be different and dependent on output demands. We can help you this challenge for flexibility.

Warehouse and Stores Cleaning:-  Paragon Cleaning Service, we are experienced in Iron and steel industry cleaning service, warehouse cleaning, chiller units cleaning, storage units and much more. Health and Safety is paramount in all our operations and we always ensure throughout compliance in all our services. Our warehouse cleaning process that we will ensure fully compliance as per the site requirements to ensure the safety. Our fully trained warehouse cleaning team are closely managed at all time to ensure high safety and cleaning standards. For industrial, manufacturing sites we understand how everyday can be different and dependent on output demands. We can help you this challenge for flexibility.

We arrange a comprehensive site survey and meet your team to discuss the cleaning service and further execution in effective manner. Paragon Cleaning Services we specialized in all type of cleaning services.

To obtain a quote for industrial cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai or to discuss your cleaning needs, call Paragon Cleaning Services on 02 6338008 / 055 8635200 or send an enquiry to info@paragonuae.com